8 Key Principles of the Oxford Street District Vision
These are the eight key principles that will form the basis of New West End Company's response to the consultation.   

Together we believe that these will help to create a vision for the Oxford Street district that secures the long-term success of the West End and provide the policy environment needed to deliver it.
On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is not important and 10 is very important, please rank how important each item is for you

Take this once in a lifetime opportunity, provided by the opening of the Elizabeth line, to create an ambitious long-term vision for the Oxford Street District that incorporates both transport and economic growth measures and ensure that relevant policies are produced to deliver the vision. *

Significantly reduce the volume of traffic in the West End – reduction not redirection – in ways that works for businesses. *

Expand the boundaries of the International Shopping Centre and the West End Special Retail Policy Area to broaden the Oxford Street District so that it can grow in ways that best serve businesses, residents and visitors. *

Encourage a broader range of uses, such as leisure, culture and civic amenities, which complement shopping uses in order to attract more visitors and encourage them to stay longer. *

Promote greater intensification of use by allowing higher buildings and the sensitive addition of new levels on existing building to provide the commercial space needed to meet the economic and employment growth targets set by the West End Partnership. *

Promote the evening economy of the Oxford Street district by encouraging the extension of day time activities and introduction more evening uses. *

Develop and promote a cultural strategy for the Oxford Street district to widen its appeal to visitors. *

Prepare Planning and Design Guidance that promote and guide the design, use and management of buildings and public spaces in ways that will help deliver the long-term vision. *

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